How to Calculate TCO for eCommerce Platform

How to Calculate TCO for eCommerce Platform

Choosing an eCommerce solution could be the biggest decision you take if you are moving from brick and mortar to online. Considering the cost of the platform you choose is a very important aspect to begin with. Make sure that there are no hidden costs or surprises during or after implementation. From third-party apps and […]


How is the lockdown working out for retailers?

Covid19 has managed to lockdown everything – including local stores and businesses. While essential categories such as grocery and pharmacy remain open, it gets difficult to actually sell when there is so less demand. In these times, local businesses need to find creative new ways to stay engaged with their customers even when the entire[…..]

M-commerce for B2B Companies

The hesitation that B2B businesses have to actually go mobile and into mobile commerce is the perception that their products are too complex to translate to small screen. But, in today’s world, businesses cannot just afford to invest in just one channel. As the younger generations join the workforce and start making buying decisions for[…..]