Android app

What’s new in the Android Apps Development World?

Android has knocked out any competitors in the race for being one of the most popular and user friendly mobile operating systems. Google continues to develop new tools and features to keep up with the ever changing customer demands, usage and the changes in the way people use technology. The ultimate aim is to simplify […]

Cost of Mobile Apps

How much does it cost to create an app

While you are all excited about the mobile application that your business needs, it’s important to analyze what it is going to cost you too. App development costs matter as they impact your overall strategy – whether you are starting out or expanding an existing business. This is where the research gets tricky – there[…..]

M-commerce for B2B Companies

The hesitation that B2B businesses have to actually go mobile and into mobile commerce is the perception that their products are too complex to translate to small screen. But, in today’s world, businesses cannot just afford to invest in just one channel. As the younger generations join the workforce and start making buying decisions for[…..]