Web Design For Voice

Web Design For Voice?

Voice is getting to be a bigger concept than ever in technology. The 2020 data revealed that 22% of the UK households owned a voice controlled digital home assistant device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. It is predicted that nearly 50% homes will have one smart home adoption in the near future. One […]

Design Tips for B2B and B2C websites

Design Tips for B2B and B2C websites

In the real world, web design needs to be  catered to who you expect the visitors to be. B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to consumers) is a very different game. The website design should focus on the end user experience. That’s where the differences between designing for a B2B website and a B2C[…..]


Why Website Speed Still Matters

Great content and natural links have always had a preference by Google and weak content with unscrupulous links have been penalized in terms of rankings. But, rankings in SERPs does not entirely depend on keyword research and link acquisition. The technical aspects such as site speed also make a difference in organic traffic and ultimately[…..]