PHP Web Development 11 ways in which PHP can benefit your business By Elinsys, 03rd Oct 2017

PHP has become a widely accepted language for web development. Whether small business or a large enterprise, PHP can be used to create highly customized, feature rich websites as per business requirements. The world of web development has been revolutionized ever since PHP has become a popular choice for building web applications. It provides flexibility, scalability and much more.

Here are some of the benefits of PHP

  • Open source and free: PHP is open source and is available free of cost. This essentially means that you can use it to customize and develop web applications as per your business requirements.
  • Easy and simple to learn: The good part about PHP is that it’s syntax is very similar to the other languages such as C and Java. In fact it is a much more simplified version of these. It’s therefore very easy for any developer to learn and use PHP in their projects.
  • Object-oriented: PHP is an object-oriented language which means that you can call objects and create custom classes, and thus extend the capabilities of PHP. This helps in efficiently customizing your web applications as per your business requirements.
  • Cross-platform: It runs on all the leading operating systems like Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It also supports all the major web servers like Apache and IIS.
  • Frameworks: PHP enjoys strong support from a very enthusiastic development community and a number of frameworks have been developed to make things easy in the development process.
  • Easy integration: Integrating PHP based apps with the existing software in the company is easy. There is rarely a need to re-code and re-develop anything.
  • Flexibility: PHP provides enough flexibility and scalability to add custom features to your application. It also provides features to scale as your company grows.
  • Extensions: You can easily add or remove extensions. These extensions help modify the source code to make the necessary changes to the features and functionality of your web application.
  • Reliable and secure: Even though it is easy to use and simple to learn, there is no compromise on reliability and security. These two features make it more portable too.
  • Speed and stability: PHP does not need a lot of resources to run and hence this increases its performance. Over the years, it has become quite a stable language too.
  • Support: As PHP is widely used language, it is very easy to find support and resources for your project. It also has excellent solutions online.
  • Less time to market: With PHP, you can release your products very early to the market and hence the chances of getting returns on investments sooner is greater.

PHP is by far the most widely used web development language and is the backbone of a large portion of the net. It has grown and evolved over time and today provides us with the most important features to ensure that we can build highly customized apps for our business.

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