Ecommerce Web Development 2021 Potential – How to Improve Your Store and Grow Your Business By Elinsys, 12th Apr 2021
2021 Potential – How to Improve Your Store and Grow Your Business

New year is that time when we evaluate our business – what went right and what went wrong. What can be improved and what can be eliminated. If you are an online store, 2021 is here and if you are looking at what you can improve with your WooCommerce store, here are a few pointers. From performance to security, from marketing to efficiency – here’s what you could do to your online store this year.

Improve customer relationships

It’s time to think about customer relationship management. Customer Relationship Management platforms help track customers and their history so that you can send personalized marketing content and offer quick support. Automation of CRM features leads to greater efficiency and more savings and in turn greater profits. WooCommerce offers several CRM extensions that are built just for entrepreneurs who are developing online stores with WordPress.

Generating recurring revenue

Subscriptions help increase the average lifetime value of a customer. It simplifies the buying process. Recurring revenue allows you to more easily predict cash flow and scale business operations. So, how do you generate recurring revenue? A monthly subscription box or periodically replenish items your customer purchases regularly. If you do not offer traditional products, you could sell club memberships, on-going courses, continuing professional services or nearly anything else you can think of. WooCommerce Subscriptions offer incredible flexibility and robust functionality that makes it the top choice. You can choose from multiple billing schedules, allow subscribers to manage their own plans and send renewal notifications and view handy reports and more.


Data is power. Identify the trends and opportunities that can increase sales and reduce waste in 2021. Ensure that you have a Google Analytics account and the right extension for WooCommerce. Learn and understand the new WooCommerce analytics dashboard, which gives you access to more information directly inside WordPress.

Email marketing

If you still don’t have an email marketing system, now is the perfect time to begin. MailPoet is a great email marketing option within the WordPress dashboard. You can send abandoned cart emails, build new messages with pre-designed templates, automatically welcome new customers and send follow-up emails to previous shoppers with offers and products specifically tailored to them. It’s integrated into WooCommerce, so the customer lists are always up to date too.

Increase revenues

One of the most effective ways to grow revenues is to tap into your existing customer base. Upselling premium or extended versions of your products or suggesting additional products for people to add to their carts helps increase your store’s average order value. WooCommerce’s Product Recommendations extensions is a great way to upsell and cross-sell to increase revenue.

Other than these, it’s also essential to streamline checkout and reduce cart abandonment. Reducing the number of steps to checkout and enable customers to make quick purchases is a great way to reduce abandoned carts. Following up with abandoned carts is also a great way to improve your eCommerce stores’ revenue.

2021 has a lot of potential for the improvement of your WooCommerce store. Begin analysing and start working on what features you would like to integrate to make this year a huge online success!

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