Website Design Service 21 Lessons in Web Design for the Year 21 ! By Elinsys, 03rd Feb 2021
21 Lessons in Web Design for the Year 21

2020 wasn’t easy. With the looming anxiety of uncertainty and circumstances that placed the entire world at a standstill. However, in the world of web design there are never ending changes and trends and designers have been busy. From typography to the no-code movement, here is a round-up of web design trends in 2020 and there’s lots to look forward to in 2021!

Retro Fonts

Old styles come back in style – many times. Retro fonts have experiences a similar resurgence. Although stylized and with addition of artistry have reimagined what retro fonts can be and can look like.

Parallax scroll animations – parallax scroll has been around for quite some time and will be around in 2021 too. Parallax scroll is used to create interest in the entire website. It attracts attention to that area of the page.

Horizontal scrolling – Previously regarded as a web design faux-pas, horizontal scroll is having a comeback.

3D Visuals – High quality 3D visuals are now being woven seamlessly into a webdesign. Today they aren’t regarded as a distraction, but they add to the overall user experience.

Multimedia Experiences – With faster internet access, multimedia on websites are gaining a strong foothold. Visuals, Audio and Videos all are making a comeback.

Augmented Reality Experiences – AR offers immersive experiences and makes the web design more appealing and interactive.

Focus on grain – Grainy textures are slowly becoming a trend. Grainy textures give a very natural feel to the design.

Focus on muted colours – Using subdued colours adds to the visual appeal. That’s a growing trend in 2021.

Designs based on preferences – making web designs more user centric and offering personalized experiences will be a constant trend in 2021.

Gaussian blur – Gaussian blur works so well in providing a swirl of soft focus to images and gradients. Web designers will be seen using this in more prominent places in web design.

Scrollytelling – Story telling via web experiences has been a trend. It heightens the story and hooks the reader to the narrative.

Dark Mode – More and more designers are embracing the dark mode aesthetics this year. It makes the design elements pop and attract attention.

Cartoon Illustrations – Not long age, websites were just text and a few images. Today illustrations and even cartoons seem to be a part of it.

Geometric grids – This type of structure – created with geometric grids is becoming more popular by the day.

Custom Cursors – Plain old arrow? That can be changed! This is catching on in 2021.

Scrolling cards – Whether scrolling horizontally or vertically, they add snappy action to a website and are a great way to present information.

Color-less design – when fewer colours are used, the other colours on the website get accentuated. Colour-less is the trend of the next year for sure.

Audio – adding audio eases some of the functions for accessibility and for quick access. It’s simply better user experience.

Web inspired by print – Magazine styled layouts, and other traditional graphics fulfil people’s desire to connect with the real world.

Design systems for consistency – Using a CMS offers design consistency which is a very important factor for brands.

No code – This does not mean complete elimination of code. With no code, web designers get enough space for designing the complete experience rather than concentrating on lines and lines of code and debugging it. The focus shifts from code to user experience design.

These were the 21 lessons for the year 21! Many more trends to follow in the coming year.. we’ll keep you posted!

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