Search Engine Optimization 30 New Google’s Algorithm Changes By Elinsys, 06th Jan 2012

After the ripples that Panda and Caffeine created, Google decided to post the changes to the algorithm on a monthly basis, beginning November.

Google makes more than 500 changes to its algorithm. Here are the latest changes from December. (Taken from Google’s official blog)

  • Improvement in landing page signals for image search to make sure that the images are relevant and results are of the highest quality pages.
  • Improvement in the algorithm that picks site links so that most relevant site links are displayed in search results.
  • Soft 404 Detection: The return error when a page does not exist is generally 404, some web servers return other status codes. These are called soft 404 errors. Google’s algorithm changes now have improvements in such soft 404 error detection.
  • Domains other than .com, like .in, .uk, .au have the option to see results only from their country. Google’s algorithm changes can now better detect the country from where a document is.
  • You will now see rich snippets for your websites.
  • Autocomplete feature can better handle spelling errors.
  • Image search has better spam detection.
  • Google Instant enhancements for Japanese queries.
  •  Google’s algorithm changes now include better detection of the date for a document and it annotates it for you.
  • Live results for NFL and college football: providing latest scores is now an easy task for Google.
  • Improved dataset for related queries.
  • Related query improvements.
  • You will now see better results for lyrics queries.
  • The +1 button will only be seen when your hover over the result or if the result has been already +1’d.
  • Better spell correction in Vietnamese.
  • Google can now show you better results for upcoming events at venues.
  • Improvements to image size signal.
  • Improved Hebrew synonyms.
  • Safer searching.
  • Google can now provide encrypted search on new regional domains.
  • Mobile browsing is now faster and better.
  • More comprehensive indexing: Long tail documents are now made available in Google’s index so they they can be returned as search results for relevant queries.
  • Google’s algorithm changes incorporates detection of parked domains which are generally sites that are of low value to user because they are full of ads and are just holding al domain space.
  • Autocomplete predictions are now more precise.
  • Blog search results are now accurate with fresher results.
  • Better prediction for Original Content.
  • Live results for Major League Soccer and the Canadian Football League.
  • Freshness criteria added to image search results.
  • Layout on tablets to increase usability.
  • Top result selection code rewrite.

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