40 New Changes to the Google Algorithm!

Another series of changes to Google Algorithm. As announced on Google’s blog. Let us take a close look at the changes and implement them in our SEO efforts

  • Related Searches: to help refine what you are searching for, this feature will now appear for more queries.
  • Expanded site links: This includes an improvement in categorizing snippets and identifying duplicate snippets. We shall now have improved results and more relevant sitelinks.
  • Image results will now display consistent thumbnail sizes.
  • The predictions and suggestions for queries will now be more localized on YouTube. Searching for a video in India gives preferred suggestions for local results.
  • Official pages are now identified accurately.
  • URL and country associations are now more accurate because the data has been refreshed!
  • Images results in Universal search is improved. More relevant images will now show in the results.
  • Autocomplete algorithm has a minor fine tuning too.
  • Improved ranking for queries that use “Site:” operator.
  • Safesearch has been improved for searches including adult content.
  • “Interval based history tracking for indexing.”
  • Relevant searches that include synonyms are now more accurate and improved in other languages too.
  • Two freshness qualifiers that were out of date were disabled
  • Improvement to Google Korea to include search results for news, blogs and homepages.
  • Fresh images will now gain preference.
  • Google bar now has an expanded set of links at the top of the page.
  • Pages in search results that include errors like 404 or page not found shall now be detected and better search results shall be provided.
  • Travel related searches improved. Flight search feature is getting more and more accurate.
  • Relevant queries is one of the places which was tweaked.
  • Shopping rich snippets were now expanded globally.
  • Spellings correction in Korean is now improved.
  • Freshness of content signals improved.
  • Web history and personalized searches improved.
  • Video channels have improved snippets.
  • Local searches have better ranking algorithms
  • English spell check and correction is now accurate.
  • Improvement to News Universal results.
  • Detection of a new news topic that deserves a higher ranking is now detected accurately.
  • Turkish weather feature is now better.
  • Design for the account settings page changed!
  • Well, well, well – here’s Panda Update again.
  • Link evaluation is now improved. The old link analysis is now changed.
  • Safe search is improved and irrelevant content now does not appear in search results.
  • Process of investigating potential spam is now better.
  • System can find a user’s city more reliably and return relevant local results.

Image Credit: https://tinyurl.com/sysj7md


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