Website Design Service 5 Design Tips To Improve Conversion Rates By Elinsys, 18th Feb 2016

Creativity and an artistic touch in web design is important, but focusing on what your website is really built for is crucial. An effective website helps you convert traffic into leads and these leads are then converted to actually paying customers. After all, that’s the goal of your website right? If you lose focus, you website will not generate the expected revenue and your business will suffer!

Well, here are a few tips that will help you improve conversion rates by paying attention to every detail in the design process:

Responsive Designs

Designing websites which provide a pleasant mobile experience is by far the most important aspect. Responsive designs help you tap a larger customer base. Smart phones and tablets have become the most popular point of access to the web. So, if a customer accesses your website from a tablet and finds it difficult to read or comprehend, it’s a definite loss for you. This is why responsive designs are no longer considered as an option for businesses, but are a mandate.

Simplicity is the key

Clean, simple and flat designs are more popular today. Trying to impress customers with an overload of animations and flash in fact create an adverse impression. The page load times are affected too and honestly, animations are sometimes annoying!

Stock photos

Stock photos look good on your blog site, but when it comes to a business website – get real, unique and original images! For example, if you wish to show your team, get professional photographs clicked. Do not place dummy images from stock graphics websites there! It annoys the customers and hampers your originality.

Easy customer contact

Once you have impressed your customers enough, make sure that the Contact Us button or link is conspicuous. Make sure that the customer does not find it difficult to locate your contact form or button or phone number. Another important part is to make the contact convenient. Either a quick form (without too many fields), or a phone number or a request quote will do. If there is too much information to enter before the customer can contact you, it gets frustrating.

Social media feeds

Social media feeds are considered good by some, but honestly, they are distracting. They draw attention of the customer from what he is actually doing on the page – whether it is buying a product or requesting a quote etc. Placing a simple link to your social media pages is considered a better option. After all, you want your customers to read the content on your website and make purchases, and not to scroll endlessly though your social media feeds.

To sum it up, design and develop a site that is easy to use, convenient for your customers and focuses on the main goals of the business. All other elements can be placed in such a manner that they do not distract the customer. This will definitely improve your website’s conversion rates.

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