Social Media Marketing 5 Effective Ways To Increase Your Social Media Presence By Elinsys, 22nd Apr 2017

Social media is always bustling with activity. There is never one dull moment when you log on to either Facebook or Twitter or any other social media channel for that matter. Social media presence is hence imperative for businesses who wish to see their brand grow and make its presence ‘felt’ over the internet.  Well, it’s not just enough to create a social media page and leave it to luck! You will need to market your page effectively to create a unique presence! It’s not only about posts and activity from a business perspective.  You will need to create opportunities for your customers to interact. With this you will be able to build long lasting customer relationships that will eventually ensure business sustainability.

Here are a few things you need to do to increase your social media presence:

Create an integrated social media strategy

Start with a purpose. Every social media presence you try to create must have a purpose defined. For example, you might want to actually help sell products, or seek customer feedback or simply increase your customer interactions. Firstly create a social media calendar and organize your social media content such that it suits your ultimate goal.

Look for opportunities for discussion

Do a little research. Find out the trending topics in your field of work. Most people love to read about the most current topics in their field of interest. Especially if they are your regular customers, talk about something that your customers might be interested in. Or, a simple poll might be useful to encourage customer interaction.

Set up chat times

Setting up personal discussions with customers is a good idea. Well, there are customers who might have a few good inputs and you can use that feedback to improvise your product! Setting up such times for interaction gives customers the satisfaction that they can reach you and express their concerns and you shall be there to answer – it simply builds credibility!

Look at content that drives interaction

You will need to pay particular attention to the content that you share on social media. Sharing one sided informative pieces could be good – but sharing something that will encourage a reply or a comment is great!

Track what’s trending

Being on top of the latest trends is highly essential. If the information on your business page itself it outdated customers begin to wonder about the credibility of your business and whether it’s a good idea to deal with you or not! There is always a hesitation there! But if your pages are full of the latest and greatest stories from your industry vertical or about your business itself – they will surely be attracted and encouraged to interact to find out further!

So, get innovative and think of creative ways to attract customers to your social media pages and more importantly – retain their attention enough to encourage interactions with your business!

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