Website Design Service 5 Important Features of an Effective Web Design Service By Elinsys, 28th Jan 2011

Website accessibility: A website is not only designed for the non-organic search engine robots and organic healthy humans, even people who are physically challenged should be able to access the website and understand what you want to say.

SEO friendly: A website design should be SEO friendly with check rules such as having relative and distinct meta tags, alt tags, prominent keyword reach within genuine content (no keyword stuffing), and search engine robot readable code.

Appealing design: Appealing and attracting visitors is an art. Using strategic color combinations with contrasting backgrounds from the main content, and the overall content placement are some vital points to be taken into consideration to create an appealing web design.

Consistent design: A much significant and easily overlooked point in web design is that it should be consistent. Using different web designs for each page would leave visitors believing they are on an alien website and you may lose the trustworthiness of our website.

Loyally represent what you want to say: Your website design should fully stand up to your inline reputation. If you are creating a website for an enterprise it should have an air of professionalism and elegance. A blogger may have a web design that says more about the topic that the blog is about. Social networking websites are more playful and should have easy network connect reach. And so on and so forth.

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