Hire Dedicated Developer Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers By Elinsys, 20th Oct 2016

Project delays and hiccups are a costly affair and inconvenient too. They mean you lose out on opportunity and also spend more on your projects. Often these delays are caused due to difficulty in communicating and managing your developers. The problem is enhanced many fold in cases were developers are hires from various parts of the world with different time zones and work hours. Moreover, there is a chance that developers might take up many projects simultaneously and decide on the hours spent on each of them. This adversely affects your work. Hire dedicated developers from India to resolve problems of man management and delay.

  • You get dedicated developers on contractual basis. These coders are associated with development companies and work according to the hours you set or need. These development companies have a pool of skilled professionals that they match with your project and personality requirements.
  • Once you get your dedicated developer your man management worries are over. The company you hire from takes the responsibility of coordination and communication between your developers. You also have direct access to them via phone, video conferencing and email.
  • The pool of skilled developers in these companies reduces your stress of searching for skilled developers, interviewing each and drawing up agreements or contracts of work separately with each of them. You tell the company the type of skills you need and the people who best fit into your organizational structure and they match developer to requirement.

  • Your dedicated developers are paid a fixed amount per month for fixed hours of work. The payment is made through secure digital modes. So you need not worry about how to pay. You can use your cards or your bank account to make the payment transfers. You add or drop members of the development team according to your needs to keep your project running.
  • Dedicated developers keep the source code of your project open and available to you at all times. They integrate seamlessly into your own workforce and provide you with a clear picture of the status of your project at all times.
  • There is no need to set up infrastructure and hike project costs when you have dedicated developers on your team. You only pay for the services you avail. To add to this you are sure of the availability of developers every day as long as your project is on. No need to wait while your developer is away or calls in sick. There will be someone to take up the job and continue without a break.

Offshore hiring has come as a decided advantage for web and mobile apps development. This trend gives you the most talented and skilled developers at low cost. The connections you form when you hire dedicated developers in India give you access to a new and growing market. With a number of people from a country already working on your project stepping into the market with products becomes easy.

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