Social Media Marketing Advantages of Social Media Marketing By Elinsys, 29th Sep 2011

Use of the Social Media platform is a very powerful SEO strategy. Let’s get to the point and discuss the advantages of using Social Media Marketing:

  • Lead Generation and customer acquisition: With the wide audience and wide reach, social media provides us plenty of opportunities to showcase our business and generate leads and convert them into customers.
  • You can increase interaction with customers and let them know about your schemes and offers. You can also gain valuable feedback from customers.
  • With Social Media Marketing you can build credibility for your products and business.
  • It is an easy way to conduct market research without leaving your desk!
  • With the number of social interactions via your social media profile, you can spread goodwill.
  • You can even expand your business contacts (there are other businesses out there too!)
  • Spy on your competitors – you can keep an eye on their social moves!
  • Social Media Marketing is a low cost marketing strategy.
  • You can spread brand awareness and increase brand loyalty
  • Finally the most important one – visibility and popularity on social media websites has an impact on search engine too – you can enhance your search engine ranking!

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