Search Engine Optimization Advertising Methods for Blogging By Elinsys, 07th Apr 2011

Blogs have a lot of advertisements of different kinds which can be positioned on them to bring a big amount of money.

Online advertising offers mainly three types of advertisements which bloggers can use on their blogs. Below are the three methods of advertising categorized according to the payments made by advertisers to bloggers –

  • Pay – per – click ads where an advertiser pays to the bloggers each time some visitor clicks on the ads.
  • Pay – per – impression ads where an advertiser pays the blogger each time the ad appears on the blog’s page.
  • Pay – per – action where an advertiser pays the blogger each time someone clicks on the ad and performs an action like purchase.

The kinds of blog advertising are:

Contextual Advertising: They are mostly Pay-per-click ads. This kind of advertising is advertising where blogger locations advertisements that are related to the content of his/her website onto the blog page. This kind is god for those who are just getting started with blogging as it is less expensive.

Text Link Ads: Another form of blog advertising which are based on textual content of the people’s comments and the blog. Text Link Brokers and Text Link Ads are examples of Text Link advertising opportunities.

Impression-Based Ads: Ads that pay bloggers based on the number of times ad appears on the blog are known as Impression-based ads. Examples of this kind of ads are FastClick and Tribal Fusion.

Affiliate Ads: This kind of ads give bloggers a choice of programs to provide links to the products and bloggers get paid when someone purchases the advertised product. Examples are Amazon Associates and eBay affiliates.

Direct Ads: They are shown in the form of banner ads and they are generally limited to blogs about business topics or individuals who know each other. These ads are very efficient and are spots that a blogger can provide for guests to his/her site to buy straight to promote.

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