Android Apps Development Android 10 – Simpler, Smarter and More Helpful By Elinsys, 18th Nov 2019

Android 10 is here! This time, Google has focused on making life easier with technology by including various built-in features such as on-device machine learning and support of new technologies like Foldables and 5G. It also includes a number of privacy and security changes to give you greater protection, transparency, and control over data. There are also new tools that empower users of all abilities and help you find the right balance with technology.

Google has focused on making the new Android Simpler, Smarter and more Helpful for us. Here are a few highlights of what the updated OS includes:

  • Smart replies on Android now suggest actions so that you can directly open a video on youtube or view an address in Google Maps. There is no longer any need for copy-pasting the URL into a separate app.
  • The Android Dark Theme can now be enabled for either the entire phone or for specific apps like photos and calendars. It’s easy on your eyes and for your phone battery too
  • New edge to edge screens with the new gesture navigation. With simple swipes, you can go backward, pull the home screen, and fluidly move between tasks.
  • The Live Caption feature can automatically caption videos, podcasts, and audio messages – across any app
  • Users now have a choice to share location data only while using the apps. You’ll also receive notifications when an app you are not using is accessing your location data. You can then decide whether or not to continue sharing.
  • New privacy settings added and settings for Web & App Activity and Ads can now be found under the privacy section.
  • Important security and privacy fixes can now be sent to your phone from Google Play. You can now get these updates as soon as they are available without having to wait for the full OS update.
  • The all-new Android 10 offers a greater balance with technology for the family. It includes various settings that ensure that you have control over how you and your family use technology.
  • You can mark notifications as silent so that they do not appear on the lock screen – you will be alerted by notifications only when you want to be.
  • Family Link is now a part of every device that runs Android 10. In Settings, under Digital Wellbeing, parents can use the controls to set digital ground rules for the family. These include screen time limits, device bedtime, the time limit for certain apps and such other settings. There are also options to review the apps installed by children on other devices and monitor their usage.
  • Digital Wellbeing also brings you the Focus Mode. You can select the apps that you find distracting and silence them until you come out of focus mode.

There are a lot more features that Android 10 has to offer. Many of them are also specifically built enterprise features, that help you use separate keyboards for your personal and work profiles, set app timers so that you can balance your time on the web and support for direct audio streaming for hearing aid devices.

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