Internet Marketing Banner Advertising – Useful or Not? By Elinsys, 19th Jul 2011

Banner advertising was very popular form of advertising in the past that must be almost before 5 years. Banner Advertisements are basically small pieces of HTML code but it has large impact on internet marketing campaign. It is a kind of graphical web advertising unit of basic size of 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall. It is actually used for attracting traffic towards the website by linking to the website.

In earlier days, they were might be able to capture users attention because of the use of blinking animations and bright colors. But nowadays, people completely ignore them and there are very rare occasions that they click on them. The average CTR that is Click through Ratio for banner ads these days is approximately around 0.2% which can be considered as very low. Before 5 years, the average CTR was approximately around 2%.

It is always recommended to test the effectiveness of your banner advertisement in some small campaign before spending a big amount of money on it. It should be always kept in mind that banner advertising which is a promotion method is suitable more for online stores and some related sites that have high profit or visitor ratio.

To increase the CTR of your banner ads, one misconception should be cleared which is banner ads are not about cool designs and graphics as most of people focus more on it where it all goes wrong. Lots of other important things should be taken care of while preparing and uploading the banner ads on the website.

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