E-mail Marketing Benefits and Drawbacks of E-mail Marketing By Elinsys, 10th Jun 2011

Some important benefits from E-mail Marketing:-

  • Less Costly: Compared to direct mail, e-mail marketing is less costly.
  • Traceable: Positive or negative responses to newsletters by customers e-mails can be tracked easily by different tracking metrics. Because of this ROI and the effectiveness of marketing campaign can be measured easily.
  • Easy to Personalize: It is comparatively easy and cheap to personalize group of e-mails than for physical print media and also than for a website.
  • Pushing the Message: Direct communication via e-mails allows advertisers to push the message to the target audience.
  • Campaign Testing: Testing different e-mail creativity and messaging can be tested easily and it is relatively cost-effective.
  • Green: E-mail Marketing is totally paper-free.

Drawbacks of E-mail Marketing are listed below will help to know some good challenges which need to be managed for success:-

  • Undelivered E-mail: Sometimes it’s difficult to get e-mail through the spam filters as many companies use this technique for communication with their existing customers while some send unsolicited bulk e-mails.
  • Communication preferences: Receivers have different preferences for e-mail offers, content and frequency which affect engagement and response. This thing has to be managed by communication preferences.
  • Render ability: It is difficult to display the creative as intended within the in box of different e-mail reading systems.
  • E-mail response delay: E-mail receivers are most responsive only when they first subscribe to e-mail. It is very difficult to keep them engaged.
  • Overload of E-mail: Sometimes, there are so much of e-mails that need to be looked that it gets difficult for the individual to differentiate between the solicited and unsolicited mails. Also they don’t have much time to read through the mail.

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