Open Source Development Benefits of Open Source Web Development By Elinsys, 27th Aug 2015

Open source development like WordPress, Magento or any others like Open Cart is expanding web application development scope in the current market, by offering a wide list of advantages. Open source is directly concerned with quality maintenance and product presentation in a very effective way. Open source developers are usually motivated by peer reviews and thus there is a tendency of getting an approval from their peers.

In comparison to their counter parts in commercial software, open source community attracts a very bright and motivated set of developers, who are frequently unpaid yet very disciplined. They are not a part of the corporate culture and do not always target higher salaries and move into management, so they are most experienced one in their respective industries.

Constant Stability

In any business environment users never plan or think about any changes in the website until and unless a more efficient process is introduced. Open source development provides the flexibility to upgrade a website only when necessary and only when there is some advantage in doing it. In case of proprietary software, vendors constantly demand website upgrades. With the help of open source, users can be saved from victimizations too.  In this modern era of technology, business needs are also changing. Businesses expect an advanced features to meet business requirements.  Also it decreases verification issues or file format issues in open source.

Complete Auditability

An open source development comes with a complete package of Auditability. Anyone can  check for its auditability claims implemented by developers. Also in future there will be a standard practice to measure the claims, which will be complete auditability because of an extreme use of open source. You can come to know about security threats and also discover backdoor accounts also with open source, which is not possible with proprietary software.

Cost effective

Open source is cost free, that means it’s free from total cost of ownership.  Its purchase price is probably zero.  Open source also reduces administrative cost as it does not need any account copies to keep and maintain. It also minimizes the need of regular upgrades as upgrading cost is almost similar to nil. Also management cost is lower than others. It also reduces the need for expensive system administrators and expensive systems. Its vulnerability to security is almost zero with eliminated need of virus checking and chances of data loss. Open source also has a lower exposure to security issues and hacking attacks from others with a reduced system administration load. It also provides a greater security against financial collapse of vendors with an availability of source code.

Greater flexibility

Open source software caters to flexibility for various businesses at a very different level. Developers can easily customize it and make changes as per various business needs. There are no constraints that will stop attempting to work with other related products. Also there are no compatibility issues with open source web development scheme. Developers can let customers do an easy exchange of data with other products. It also provides freedom from single vendor as customers need not get worried if software vendor is no more into business or stops supporting that particular product.

There are a number of Development Company’s  providing support for open source development as per business needs. You can hire any of them as per your preference and budget.

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