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A content management system is used to build websites and allows you to login and make changes – edit, upload new content or remove out dated content. Publishing, editing, managing, adding and deleting content are some of the activities you can do with a CMS. An open source platform is built using code that is readily available and can be modified by anyone who desires to use it. These kinds of systems can be modified and improved often in a collaborative manner relying on the input of many.

Some of the benefits of Using an Open Source Content Management System

It is free to and easy to acquire:

In order to access open source content management systems, there is no cost involved. Even though this is the case, there is plenty of support and updates available. The other benefit of open source content management systems is that with more number of developers working on making the product effective, the more features and functionalities you get. These features are usually added as plugins that can be installed or removed as and when the features are necessary. Extending product features is easy and not dependent on a single company providing features or deciding to stop release of new features.

It is flexible:

When managing your website with minimum technical knowledge, open source management systems offer enough flexibility in the management of content to maintain the uniqueness of the website.

Open source content management system allows you to extend or change your site in any way your customers want it to be. This is because there are no limitations to what one can do. The software offers you the affordability to change the codes by yourself or even leverage it from others.

Emphasizes on innovation:

Open source content management systems encourage innovation among developers. Anyone can contribute new ideas and implement them in order to create new features for people to use. Anyone can contribute to improve the software and making it to work better.

They develop into utilities:

Open source content management systems are developing into utilities. WordPress and other open source content management system have an added advantage in this area because they leap from product to commodity which requires lots of momentum and lowers profit margin. They can be used in a number of interesting ways to add value to your businesses.

Tested extensively:

The other thing about open source is the stability it is associated with. Open source content management systems are tested extensively since a lot of people have access to it. There is also a very strong support community when it comes to adding improvements and new features.

Quickly updated:

Open source content management system is frequently updated by their communities to ensure that it is improved and serving the users well. The issues or matters arising are addressed very fast without delay. By installing frequent updates, one can ensure that his or her system is taking advantage of the latest technology and is free from bugs, this helps to boost both performance of the website and the security of the website.

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