festivals Black Friday and Cyber Monday – How will you prepare during the pandemic? By Elinsys, 17th Nov 2020

With an unsettled economic climate and the shortage in the supply chains, along with the shifting consumer behaviour, navigating the BFCM shopping season could be particularly stressful. But, if you want to make the most of this year’s biggest shopping season, it is critical that you plan in advance.

Here’s a simple checklist to get your ecommerce store ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Prepare for a busier Cyber Monday

This year’s biggest shopping weekend will be dominated by online shopping. It is also expected that the online sales will start early and extend beyond the weekend. 34% of the shoppers indicated that they would make their purchases before Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is essential that online stores begin communicating their deals and offers as soon as possible.

Test whether you can handle the surge in traffic

Surges in traffic are good for business, but they can crash your website too. So, test your server load capacity and check and fine tune your store so that it can handle all the web traffic smoothly.

Double down on your top sales channels

Even if you have an online store, it’s essential that you explore options for multichannel selling. Well, if you are already selling on multiple channels, explore which one has been the most lucrative and double down during the holiday season.

Keep an eye on your competition

Keeping an eye on your competition helps you gather ideas for your BFCM sales. The easiest way to keep tabs on your competitors is to subscribe to their mailing list. Also study the campaigns that they are testing.

Make inventory decisions early

Ensure that you pick the products that you want to use for BFCM as early as possible, especially if you are relying on suppliers to deliver them to you in time for the season. Due to the pandemic, the suppliers have been operating above capacity and need plenty of leeway to get products ready. So, estimate how soon you should be stocking up.

Consider pandemic product trends

Consider products that are in demand during the pandemic. You do not have to change the entire strategy but include products that are being bought online easily.

Sell gift cards and make irresistible offers

Festive season demands gifts. Gift cards are a great way to ensure that people who aren’t decided buy from you later. Further, make sure that your festival offers are irresistible. This will drive more sales.

Optimize your order fulfilment workflows

Above all, after you have managed to drive customers to your store, make sure that your order-fulfilment is flawless, and optimize the workflow accordingly.

Well, especially during the pandemic, online shopping will see a rise – make sure that your store is prepared in every way to handle the traffic and deliver the orders placed!

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