Mobile App Development Build Better Mobile Apps With The Following Tips By Elinsys, 16th Jul 2015

Mobile apps do more than entertainment today. Of course, some apps are meant to entertain, but mobile apps development is a lot serious than that. Businesses of today already understand the potential of mobile apps as powerful marketing devices. Some businesses see mobile apps as a means of serving their customers better and some other businesses include apps as a part of business processes to increase the efficiency.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when you decide to take your business to the next level and go mobile.

Goal-driven designs

Well, before you start, make sure that you define the aim of your app. Is it going to be a marketing tool or a convenience to your customers or an efficiency booster for your business. This will help you finalize all the features that you want in the app. Unless you know what you want, you cannot expect to build an app that will bring some good to your business.

Know your users

The next most important aspect of building a mobile app is to understand the target users. If you are building an app for your employees to use and report back from sales or other field jobs, your thinking process should be different while designing the features and the interface. When you build for marketing, the design should be more attractive and eye-catching etc. Prudently select the designs after analyzing your customers.

Content and user flow

The logic flow of the app is very important. You should be able to map the content and the user flow accurately for this purpose. Prepare rough sketches or a ‘flow’ chart for the steps that a user would take while browsing from one screen to another and back on your app.

Familiar mobile patterns

Well, the key to the success of your app is an innovative idea with a familiar interface. The level of acceptance of familiar interfaces is very high. Be aware however; never copy a design from others. You need to maintain familiarity – no similarity. Worse, do not make any design exactly ‘same’ as any other! That would be like app suicide!

Cut out the clutter

The worst thing you could do to your app is to clutter too many features in one place. In an ideal design, the most essential elements should be placed in a conspicuous way so that users can quickly find their way around the app. So, cut the clutter and design neat and clean apps for your business. The clearer the design, the easier it will be for users to use and the more your business will benefit from them. If you clutter too many features on one screen, users will be left wondering where to click next and ultimately leave the app!

Mobile apps development for Androids and iPhones requires a lot of thinking in advance. You need to make sure that you design for both the platforms either with cross-platform tools or with individual designs.

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