Magento Web Development Magento Trends That Will Assist You in 2018 To Build Your Brand Value By Elinsys, 23rd Feb 2018

Shopping has become super easy – ever since the ecommerce industry has changed the way brands promote and sell their products and services. Ecommerce platforms with highly interactive interfaces make things easy and fun too! There are a number of CMS platforms available, but Magento has always been the highlight when it comes to open source ecommerce solutions. It has a ton of advanced features, ecommerce driven capabilities, themes and extensions and enables businesses to create beautiful storefronts with great ease.

Here are some of the key Magento ecommerce trends that will assist you in 2018 to increase your brand value and get ahead of the game.

Personalized shopping experience

Ecommerce brands are continuously adopting new techniques to drive and retain their web customers for long. The key strategy is to provide each customer a personalized shopping experience in real time.  The technique is however super easy. All you need to do is to gather relevant data from your customers assess their previous buying history, assess their shopping behavior and such other details. You can then offer them personalized promotional coupons, discounts and recommend products as they are shopping on your site.

Mobile commerce will dominate

Mobile technology is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. There is a major shift from desktops to mobile apps when it comes to online shopping too. People prefer buying products from a mobile app because it gives an excellent ‘anytime-anywhere’ experience. More and more businesses are moving towards a mobile first web store. It automatically increases your online sales and helps target a larger portion of your potential customers easily.

Rich content and high quality images

The key to a successful online store is its content – both written text and images. You will never be able to generate genuine leads without valuable content or rich images. User centric content is essential to improve the visibility and increase online sales by making buying decisions easy.

Social selling

Social media platforms will bring about a revolution in the ecommerce space. Well, integrating social selling options is a great trend to look forward to in 2018. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, – all are playing very well in establishing direct communication systems that help increase sales.

Pop ups and opt in forms

Pop ups and opt in forms on the landing pages are a great way to boost your conversion rates. Opt in forms and other elements can encourage your visitors to perform an action that encourages them to buy from your store.

Rich user experience

Improving customer retention rate greatly depends upon the user experience they have with your store. Giving customers a great and seamless user experience via a rich interactive user interface ensures that your potential customers become your actual customers. So, a clean, simple and user friendly web design is the key to a successful ecommerce store.

These trends will rule the 2018 ecommerce scenario and have the potential to turn your online store into a powerhouse and your sales will skyrocket!

We at Elinsys (Elite Infoworld) understand the importance of quick, convenient and highly secure checkout processes that’s why we provides magento ecommerce development services. You can hire Magento developers and leverage from their expertise to build the most happening online store for your business!

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