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Magento Development has evolved over the years and today provides ecommerce businesses with all the relevant features required for building a successful ecommerce website development. Let’s check out what are the requirements from a design and development perspective to make those sales. Conversions are counted as those visitors that turn into actually paying customers. Let’s check out what you can do to your ecommerce site to make it more conversion friendly.

Keep your Audience in Mind – Always

Know more about Magento to build your website with your target audience in mind. You can add all the creative features you want, but always remember that it should be easy for the user to navigate and use your site.

Keep Everything Simple

Right from navigation to the placement of all the elements on your site. Keep everything simple. The logical flow from one step to another to make a purchase and the clicks for site navigation. Everything should be easy to understand and comprehend.

Product Images – Crystal Clear

Product images with be the main deciding factors for customers. That’s the only source they have to know your products and “see” how they look. Well blurry images and bad resolutions are a perfect formula for failure. Make images attractive and crystal clear.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions need to be accurate and should be exactly what the product says it is. Well, providing customers all information necessary to make a purchase decision could help you build trust.

Call to Action

Call to action should speak out loud. Don’t keep it hidden amongst all the other clutter on the site. Clear and inviting call to action is the key to conversions.

Shopping Carts

Make shopping carts accessible. Users should be able to easily access the shopping cart and move back and forth between the cart and the page. Keep your features flexible.

Finally, do not include a lot of distractions once products are added to the cart. No pop ups and no distractions after that. This will ensure that a customer follows through with the process without a break and makes that purchase!

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