Ecommerce Web Development Build Conversion Friendly Ecommerce Websites By Elinsys, 28th Mar 2015

Attracting potential customers is not the sole purpose of an ecommerce website. The website should have the ability to convert these visitors to customers that buy and into returning customers that buy again! For an ecommerce website, conversions depend mainly on the online shopping experiences that the site provides and these experiences can be created with perfect design and development of your ecommerce website.

Ecommerce website development needs to be planned and executed accurately as per the current shopping trends of customers. You need to make sure that your customers get a good deal and a convenient way of purchasing their favourite products. So, before you begin, here are some pointers for you to remember.

Target audience

Before you even begin with ecommerce website development, you will need to research your target audience. It is highly essential to understand your target and what makes them tick. Make sure that you include all the features on your website. Research well about what customers need and expect from your website and make sure that you include all the features from a shopper’s point of view. That’s what will help conversions.


The most important element of any website is the navigation. Make sure that the navigation is simple and intuitive. Customers should not be left guessing where to click next. The easier the navigation, the sooner the customers will reach your products, offers and deals and buy from you – hence increasing conversions.

Promotions via videos

Keeping your website interactive is the key. Creating videos that showcase your products and services or videos that have some value and that can influence the shopping decisions of customers is a great way to increase customer engagement and hence conversions.

Call to action

The call to action for your website should be very prominent and loud. A user should not be left searching for what next on your website. You should lead them straight to where they can buy the products and then make a payment.

Product images

Product images for your ecommerce site should be clear and visible. You should also add option to zoom the images and also the ability to see the image in different colors.

Product information

Make sure that the product information you provide is accurate and not misleading. It should not be too short or too long that it gets boring to read through. Keep it short simple and to the point.

Shopping cart

Shopping cart is by far the most important part of an ecommerce website. It should be accessible easily and the checkout process should be simple. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges an online store faces. To be able to combat this, your shopping cart should be “designed to sell”. It should enable quick checkout and easy options for payment.


Shipping policies that are customer friendly always delight the customers. So make your shipping easy and quick.

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