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In any form of art, color psychology plays a very important role. Especially, in web design where you use a combination of colors to represent a business online, this color psychology is very crucial. The colors that you use will ultimately help you create that first impression. Whether you want your website to look serious, or playful, bold or subtle, elegant or straight forward, all depends on your choice of colors. Specific colors convey specific messages to users.

Colors are known to evoke emotions and then result in positive, negative or neutral feelings. It takes just 90 seconds for a visitor on your website to form a judgment about your business and around 60% of that interaction is attributed to the colors you use on your website.

Here is a little help for color selection for website design:

Yellow: Should be used with caution. Even though kids love it, some people find it distasteful. Studies show that (generally speaking) men will not prefer yellow.

Green: Green is used to promote wellbeing. It is the color of nature. This means that you can use green (and such combinations) for websites related to health, wellbeing, meditation and ethical campaigns. Lighter green is also used to denote fresh ideas and innovation.

Orange: Orange is use to denote warmth without danger. High energy, sports and fitness websites do pretty well in orange color.

Blue: Blue is a very popular color for websites. It denotes intelligence and sincerity. Darker blues can be used to denote luxury. Do not use for food related ads – it just does not work!

Red: Red symbolizes action and passion. Red is also used for a lot of food related websites. It is also ideal for fashion and makeup brands or dating websites.

Purple: Purple denotes royalty and luxury. It is a very feminine color too. It can be used for any feminine website.

Pink: Used to attract attention of female audience. It can be used for baby related products too. Other than that it is known to stimulate the sweet tooth. So it can be used for those sites too.

Black: Black is used for classy and conventional sites. It’s a corporate color that suggests excellence.

White: White is a pure, cool and a calm color. It is used to create modern websites.

Colors are not the ultimate deciding factors though; it also depends on the user preference and how appropriately it represents the business.

It’s unlikely that you will use just one color to create a website. Make sure that you use the most appropriate color combination or your website so that it represents your business most effectively online. These are just guidelines. You will need to understand the business and the audience before you finalize on a color scheme for developing a website. The nature of the business and the audience are o utmost importance when you design a website.

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