Content Marketing, Current Affairs Content and CoronaVirus – how much is too much? By Elinsys, 21st Apr 2020

Anyone and everyone on the net is talking about #coronavirus. The entire internet is full of it. With so much proliferation of corona-content, most digital marketers feel compelled to follow and publish more about how corona impacts – this OR that. Well, when everyone is doing exactly the same thing, how will you differentiate your content from the rest? Rising above the rest is easier said than done.

At its core, content marketing helps solve problems for the audiences. But today, there are so many businesses that face unprecedented challenges with no rule book or guideline to follow. However, it’s not a good idea simply to write – just because everyone is doing it. You definitely must have something good to share, some unique insight or something helpful. Otherwise, your content will be lost in the crowd – of over a 100 similar posts being shared on a daily basis.

Apart from this it is a good idea to share your regularly scheduled content that is relevant to your business. That is what will actually work for you as a business.

Here are some of the things to consider when creating content during these times of crisis. You do not want to be insensitive and not publish corona content at all – at the same time, you must balance out with relevant content as well as unique insights.

  • Don’t create content just because it’s a trend or for the sake of it. Do it to maintain your regular publishing schedule. 
  • Don’t make it appear as though you are capitalizing on the pandemic – empathy counts – be sensitive to what the audience wishes to hear from your business.
  • Focus on your customer needs and if possible get feedback from the customers.
  • Focus on whether what you are publishing serves your customer’s needs?
  • Understand whether what you are saying will add value or just be another post that’s simply written because it’s trending.
  • Unique content always wins
  • Prepare your schedule for the post #Covid19content. That’s when it’s going to matter the most.
  • Think about your long-term gains and #SEOrankings – then plan your content.

People rarely stop and read unless there is something strikingly unique to share. If you have already prepared a few unique posts for the #COVID19, it’s time to plan and schedule your regular posts too. Content has the power to reach your audience and help your business – if done right!

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