PHP Web Development Core PHP development OR Use a PHP Framework? By Elinsys, 19th Sep 2016

PHP can be considered more as a revolution in the web development arena. Beginning with scripting of simple web pages, PHP today has evolved into a language that powers almost 60% of the web. Well, it has been extensively modified to develop frameworks and content management systems to ease the tasks of developers. Essentially, frameworks have some pre-coded functionalities that developers require on a regular basis and content management systems are built with the end user in mind.

So, what’s the difference between Core PHP and a PHP framework?

Core PHP uses the PHP script in its purest form. A developer needs to know the language thoroughly in order to write a clear and concise code using core PHP. Only the experts can write flawless and reliable code using its core form.

Frameworks are basically time savers. They have a rich set of functionalities available so that the developer does not have to embed the same code again and again. These frameworks generally have a fixed set of rules and hence the code can be passed on from one developer to another without any hassles. With core PHP, one developer may not be able to read another developer’s code that easily. Frameworks on the other hand provide consistency in the code and are big time savers when the project needs to be handled by several developers at the same time. Frameworks rarely allow you to write bad code. This ensures less time in debugging and helps you deliver your project faster.

Integrating your entire module becomes very easy as you do not have to separately understand each developer’s code.

Frameworks ensure the separation of the logic from the views by using the MVC models. This is a great practice and helps keep the code clean and makes it easy for modifications.

Core PHP has its own charm

If you know core PHP, you can learn almost all the frameworks that are there. You create a strong foundation for coding and it greatly improves your understanding of web development as a whole. It is a common notion that if you are a beginner, a framework is a good place to start. Actually, the opposite is true. If you are a beginner, core coding in PHP is a great place to start! This is mainly because, even frameworks require the basic knowledge of core PHP functions, classes and methods.

However, websites and web applications built with frameworks can provide you with a very systematic method of coding.

Above all, if you decide to create a web application or a website for your business, and are looking at hiring a PHP web development services company to do the task for you, make sure that you consider what kind of development you want for your website. Whether you select core PHP or a framework for development, make sure that you understand all the pros and cons of the same.

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