Mobile App Development Critical Considerations for Mobile App Development By Elinsys, 08th Jan 2016

Our mobiles have become more of a personal assistant in the past few years. There are a myriad of tasks that you can accomplish within a few taps and swipes on your mobile phones. Whether it is shopping, ordering food or booking a cab ride, all can be accomplished by with the help of a phone. An all this is possible due to the mobile applications that help accomplish these tasks. The field of mobile app development for Android and iOS has seen a great surge within the past few years.

Today, mobile apps are more complex and advanced in nature. Well, here are the technology factors that directly impact the future of mobile apps development:

Need for rapid development

Businesses constantly require new and innovative apps to support their various business processes and make work convenient for their employees and customers. The competition is fierce and each business wants to get ahead by launching their app before anyone else. This creates a need for rapid development and quick launch of mobile apps. Hence the new technologies demand rapid app development platforms or frameworks which help developers to quickly customize and modify an app to suit customer requirement.

Cloud compatibility

Mobility has become inevitable and businesses need to have a solid backing wherein the data they access at work is made available on the go too. Cloud compatible apps are hence in demand and businesses prefer them. Cloud apps are convenient and are a promising option due to their anytime anywhere availability.

App security

Because of the sudden boom in the mobile application market, and the ability to access these apps on business devices as well as personal mobiles, security has become a very critical concern. The developers need to take data security seriously and build apps that have a secure data storage and do not have unintended data leakage and broken cryptography.


Ecommerce apps are in great demand as online shopping is becoming popular by the day. With ecommerce apps developers need to focus on payment security and convenient features for shoppers to shop via their mobile devices. If shopping experiences are not exceptional on a mobile device as on a website, ecommerce apps for businesses are bound to fail.

Wearable Technology

The world moved from desktops to laptops and then to mobile devices. Trends are further changing to wearable technologies such as smart watches and eye glasses. Creating apps for these devices is going to be the need of the future and technologies will definitely advance in that direction.

Mobile apps for Androids and iPhones are already gaining a lot of traction and the futuristic technologies of cloud, big data and wearable technology will definitely impact the way in which they progress. Developers are constantly developing super innovative platforms and frameworks that can help create mobile apps quickly and provide businesses with quick time to launch and get ahead of the competition. Hence it is essential to understand the future trends and build apps that are flexible and scalable enough to accommodate future changes.

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