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As the debate continues, there are some interesting facts that about iPhone apps development that have come forth. iPhones and Androids both share a substantial fan base in the mobile market. Yet some fiercely support Android and the remaining support iPhone apps. Some prefer iPhones for the style and Androids are preferred for their high level of customizability. There are

Well, as far as mobile apps development for iPhones and Androids go, here are a few points that are un-debatable!

  • iPhone apps development is easy to code as many developers would agree. The programs developed are small as compared to Androids. Swift and Objective C that are used for programming iPhone apps are less verbose than java.
  • Android’s use of XML for app layouts isn’t very efficient either. Android requires around 38% more programming.
  • iPhones do not come in many versions. The numbers of devices that need to be considered for support are few. This means that the development efforts and the testing is quick and easy.
  • The choice isn’t always about which platform is cheaper, the choice is about which platform will take less efforts and help developers deliver their projects sooner.
  • Finally, testing the code against the myriad of devices available for Androids, and then perfecting the code for all screen sizes, pixel densities, varying hardware components etc. could be a daunting task. IT lengthens the development lifecycle.

Android developers however are experts at Java and it being easy to transition from web development for with Java to mobile apps development.

  • The sheer variety of devices available for Android apps interests developers and users too. There is a lot of potential for innovation.
  • Apple has a very few screen sizes to offer and the apps have pretty much the same specs.
  • The good part is that the wide variety of devices and specifications available provides Android users with something in just about any budget.
  • Almost anyone can afford some type of Android. This is exactly why the use of Android apps exceeds the use of iPhone apps.
  • The level of customization Android offers is definitely appealing and better than what iPhone offers. Apple keeps control of the default apps and there are plenty of restrictions on the developers while developing iPhone apps.
  • Some hardware manufacturers for Androids even allow complex customizations too. iPhones almost never allows hardware customizations. Android users love customized phones and the variety of apps that go with it is just too exciting.

The fan base is different and their preferences are different. Both Androids and iPhones have some distinct features to offer their users and developers. The reasons for preferring Android Apps or iPhone apps may be different and each of the two big players will always reserve their position in the mobile apps development company! And the debate about which is better will always continue…

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