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Web design is a highly volatile field and there are a lot of new trends that are seen and new features that add value to your business. If you want your website to look unique and attractive, it is highly essential that you follow the latest and greatest trends in web design.

However, your web pages must contain all the features that are needed to attract customers, engage them enough to keep them interested and offer them enough information to help convert them. The key idea is to load the pages quickly and provide the visitors all the information upfront without having to browse too much.

Web pages must load fast

Web page speed has become more important than ever. If your website does not load within 2 seconds, your website visitor will browse away. In today’s mobile dominant world, 73% of the mobile users will browse away if your website does not load on their devices within 2 seconds. It is a known fact that this causes 7% reduction in your conversions. Faster loading websites provide your users with a great user experience, and improves your search engine rankings too.

Simple navigation

A simple navigation is your key to greater conversions. Once on your website, users should not be left wondering where to click next. A seamless flow from one part of your website until the user finds what he wants provides customers with a great user experience on your website and hence improves your chances of conversions.

Phase out side bars

Side bars were considered to be a convenient way to provide website visitors with additional means of quick access or quick navigation to the recent posts or important links within the website. But today they simply cause a lot of clutter on the web page. While the idea of having a side bar is good, make sure that they do not cause a hindrance rather than convenience. This is exactly why you need to phase out the side bars. If completely abandoning side bars is not an option, phasing them out will definitely help.

Create more space

Too much clutter on one page could confuse your visitors. It is a good idea to make some space on the page and place the most important parts of the page rather than trying to include ‘everything’ about your business. If you place the most important parts prominently, eliminating the unnecessary parts, you are sure to grab your visitor’s attention!

Responsive design is no longer an option

Responsive websites are no longer an option. As more and more users move from browsing websites from desktop browsers to mobile browsers, it has become imperative that businesses develop a responsive website that renders well on all the mobile devices. Responsive designs ensure that your mobile customers get the same experience as your desktop customers.

Overall, in order to create great user experiences with your businesses, make sure that you design your website with great care after considering all the points mentioned.

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