Mobile App Development How to Develop a Mobile App that Users will Love! By Elinsys, 20th Jul 2017

Mobile friendly versions of websites have become a thing of the past. Most businesses prefer mobile apps – which is actually true because with the sudden turn of all the users from desktops and laptops to smatphones and tablets. Mobile apps have taken the center stage in the world of app development. A big part of why an app does not take off is its usability – it’s that simple.

Here are a few tips to ensure that the apps you develop are engaging enough for your users to like!

Testing is the key

For any app to be liked by users, it should be flawless to begin with. It should not be prone to crashing or should not error out when a user is totally engrossed in one of it’s functions – it’s plain frustrating! Testing your mobile apps thoroughly is the key to creating an app that users will love interacting with!

Go deep with the users!

User’s motivations matter more than your own. You need to understand the motivations of your users and what they expect from the app. You can then place triggers in their path with your mobile app. If you live this concept, you will have a solid foundation for creating an awesome user experience.

Plan for the offline experiences as well

Some of the apps are lauded for their usability when the users are not actually online. Evernote for example works flawlessly when the user is not connected to a wi-fi connection or does not have carrier data on. This is one of the features that app development teams should think about when developing an app.

Easy of use – make it stupid simple

Mobile apps should be so simple that anyone can use them easily. To test this, you can call in the most non-technical user and have them use it. Further, check the other interface features – such as buttons and make sure that they are easy to tap on. Finally check whether your design is intuitive enough for users to interact with and use.

Use of grids

Using grids could make your designs more consistent as you move from one page to another. It creates easy visual connections and keeps the design unified across the app.

Cover as many platforms as possible

Users access apps across a number of platforms – Android, iPhones, Windows on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets etc. You need to make sure that your app is available and equally attractive to the user in all the platforms.

The importance of convenience

The main aim of your apps should be to make the life of the end user convenient! It is important to design with the end user in mind at every stage. Well, if you do have actual feedback, it will be even better.

Finally, your app must in some way emulate the real world. People behaviors and reactions must be considered while developing an app – do not try to create something extraordinary that is in no way useful for the end user!

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