Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Web Development Digital Commerce for the New Normal By Elinsys, 11th May 2020

With the restrictions around everything due to the COVID-19, eCommerce has become a crucial element for customers as well as businesses to get the necessary access to goods and services. For businesses all around the world, digital commerce has become the top priority for building new operating models for businesses to sustain. Creating a winning eCommerce experience and evolving with times means evaluation your business – it’s strengths, areas of improvement and limitations and then applying these constructively.


Developing any strategy for any business, begins with understanding what your customer wants and what his situation is. Outreach to key customers, taking customer feedback and engaging with them and finding out what why require. It is also important to analyze the current state of your industry is essential. It’s also essential that you also are aware of the economic situation. The supply chain difficulties, work flows being disrupted due to people being at home – all these add to the customer experiences. Take your time to analyze what you can do differently. A few months ago, customer’s expectations were different – today, they are completely different. It’s time you change your strategy as per the customer’s new ‘normal’. Chart out your new processes. Prepare a new work flow – from your products to your end users. The new environment needs new workflows.

Engaging customers

Times are uncertain and social distancing has created barriers like never before. However, businesses need to keep up with the engagement with their customers by utilizing communication channels and emails. Well eCommerce sites need to be created to keep your products in the e-market – even if the physical market is closed. It’s also essential to create marketing assets and keep in mind the messages you need to convey to your customers. Social media is the busiest avenue for marketing today, as all other areas of business have physical restrictions. If you do not have a social media strategy, now is a great time to invest digitally. Along with everything else, digital is going to be a new normal.

Analyze trends

Sustainability is becoming more and more dependent on the adaptation of ‘digital’ ways of life. Websites, ecommerce sites, and social media – everything is seeing increased traffic. It’s not just about being online – you need to analyze the traffic, monitor your site metrics and sales and interests of people.  Check which areas of business are seeing an increase in audience and prepare your strategies accordingly.

Be available for your customers

Disruptions in the physical world only means modifying your existing operations to continue serving your customers effectively. Adding online features such as online chats etc. could enable businesses to be more available to their customers. If your shop or store is more physical in nature, it’s time to take it online and turn your shop into a shipping warehouse for online orders. Create easy online means for people to communicate with you and answer their queries with equal ease.

Now, more than ever, it is essential to re-define your policies or shipping, fulfillment and returns and all other business operations. When you think about it, now is the time to create a new digital ‘normal’.

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