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As the world becomes more and more digitized, the challenges in digital marketing change too. Around 74% of marketing professionals focus on converting leads to customers and others prioritize increasing traffic to their websites. They also have expanded their scope of marketing to include social media, mobile and messaging platforms. Technologies continue to evolve and digital marketing trends follow.  The marketing activities of organizations also need to move apace to keep up with both its application of digital technologies and developing the knowledge and skills to use them to market.

Here are a few trends to look out for:

In-store marketing

In a smartphone dominated world, 80% of millennials use their phones in-store and around 74% claim to be willing to receive location based alerts. An optimized mobile strategy to capture these customers could provide an effective means for conversion. For example, a reward app that allows customers to use their reward points in stores could be useful – customers can avail their reward points on special sales instantly – when they are notified of the sales immediately.

Live video

Customers are becoming more and more tuned to their digital surroundings and savvier by the day. They have a greater desire to connect with their brands and follow their stories. Online videos account for 50% of all the mobile traffic and this year has seen a huge rise in video sharing, video content creation – particularly for the social media.

Platforms with live videos make it easier for businesses to connect with their fans and followers in real time and get their message across by streaming live broadcasts.

Expiring social content

Social media consumption continues to rise and there have been significant changes in which social media is used. Messaging apps and social content have become very important. The content needs to be carefully planned for social media. One big marketing trend that is expected to blow up in the world of social media comes in the form of expiring content. By cutting through the noise and clutter and gaining the attention of their largest audience without spending massive amounts of capital needs a good social media strategy. Limited time views for the content posted on social media are making content all the more important. It needs to grip your customer’s attention within that limited time.

Wearable mobile devices

There is more technology in the world than there are people! Currently there are 7.22 active mobile devices in the world and it is easy to understand why smartphone marketing is gaining importance and relevance for any business. Similarly the wearables market is on the rise too and is set to hit almost $3 billion in 2017. Businesses will also need to accommodate strategies to suit the needs of an average wearable device user. Their strategies will need to be optimized for smaller interactive screens to ensure quality user experiences which will lead to prompt sales.

Interactive content

In the current digital landscape, customer engagement is everything. The marketers succeed when their audience not only consume content but also enjoy and react or act upon it. Interactive content will be the strategy going forward. It is a known fact that interactive content generates conversions well over 70% of the times.  It works as a differentiator amongst the competitors too.

As the market becomes more digital, and customers turn away from traditional means of purchasing, businesses too need to adopt better digital marketing techniques to reach out to their customers and increase their conversions!

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