Does Guest Blogging Help SEO?

Guest-BloggingBut here are some points to remember. While guest blogging, look for blogs that already have a high traffic. Also check out whether these blogs are relevant to your business. Well, atleast check whether these sites have a category for your kind of business. Secondly, don’t do too many anchor text links pointing back to your website. On a final note, write genuinely informative posts. Don’t make it just an SEO effort.



  1. Pretty nice advice…. Its really an great idea to share your content over the high authority blogs with the loads of traffic. But sometimes what happens the moderator wont allow you to post a direct link back from their blogs to your website. They use to give the links which redirects from one of the pages of their blog sites. So, please tell me, does such links have the similar authority or value as the direct links have?


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