Ecommerce Web Development Ecommerce Development – Top Three Trends 2021 By Elinsys, 20th Jan 2021

Designing an ecommerce website seems like a straightforward formula – develop a website, showcase products and customers can purchase them online. While this may be true, ecommerce actually is a continuous process of adapting to new trends. Trends in web design, change in user experience designs and changes in shopping trends – all need to be taken into account when designing an ecommerce website for your business.

Here is a roundup of the three most important trends in ecommerce that are ruling the Jan 2021 scenario:

Calmer Colour Palette:

The colour psychology has always been a dominant factor is the world of design. Well, selecting the right colours to represent your business website is crucial – not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a user experience perspective. But, as customers become wary about how much money they are spending, it’s important that your site exudes a vibe that does not rush them into a purchase. Many ecommerce sites have started adopting a calmer palette. Pastels and earth tones have become the colours to go for this January. These colours put customers at ease and ultimately provide great customer experiences.

No-rush shipping rewards:

Whenever there is free and fast shipping – customers purchase much more from those brands. In 2020, there had been a surge in the online shopping companies. And the shipping partners and delivery service providers haven’t been able to keep up. It’s important to inform customers about the delays ahead of time.   This sets the customer’s expectations and also offers a better user experience with your brand despite the delays.

More human and empathetic assistance:

Personalized recommendations are pulling back reins on automated assistance. Today’s ecommerce websites have options to ‘shop with an expert’. Virtual try-ons are also becoming a very consistent trend in ecommerce sites. Because online shopping has gained so much importance within the last one year, chatbots and automated assistance has made things kind of robotic. Creating a more human like assistance will definitely be one trend to follow in2021.

Ecommerce trends are always evolving and technology trends change too. Many times it’s customer expectations and demands that change ecommerce trends. It’s essential that we follow and keep up with the current trends for ecommerce websites.

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