Content Marketing Effective Content Strategy in today’s Changing World By Elinsys, 25th May 2020

As the world is continuously adjusting to new ways of work and major changes in routines, workspaces will never be the same. Marketing will never be the same too. To align your strategies with the new reality, marketers must review and re-assess their content and adapt their messaging such that it is contextually aware and continues to drive engagement and response.

Let’s remember that this does not require a complete overhaul of content and strategy. It simply requires a few changes to accommodate customer experiences and understanding of customer circumstances.

Here are a few recommendations to keep your content relevant and engaging during these times:

Make sure you audit your content

Research showed that 61% of the people found ‘business as usual’ annoying during the COVID-19 crisis yet there were 68% who found it helpful when ads showed regarding the current situation. Brands must make sure that their messaging is contextually aware. It’s essential to audit the content and emails and even social media content to ensure that the language reflects the new reality. Make sure that the content includes words like ‘online’ or virtual’ for those actions that can no longer be done in person. Further, add ‘when safe to do so’ or ‘if possible’ – so that customers know that you empathize with their situation. Images you use make a difference too. Images of meeting rooms could be replaced with individuals on laptops and tablets.

‘How to and DIY’

Today, people are learning new skills – both out of necessity and with the intention to cope with the new world. In such a scenario, creating instructional content is getting more relevant. Google trends data also shows that since March, search phrases such as ‘how to’ or ‘tutorial’ and ‘DIY’ have been on the rise.  Marketers should also focus on instructional content. Along with educational content, make sure that your content clearly articulates your offerings and demonstrates your expertise in the area of work.

Confirmation and trust

It’s essential to invest in marketing even in these times (as much as you can) because, our audience is responding to messages. Customers are still drawn to purchases that make them feel comfortable, healthy, relaxed and safe. Through messaging and content, brands have an opportunity to prove that we’re a trusted source. Make sure that your message confirms availability, access and basic details about your products. Make sure that customers trust that your brand is available for them when they need your products or services.

With content, it is essential that brands meet their audience where they are – psychologically and technologically. Adjust your content strategy and consider how it will be helpful to your customers! More important than anything – humanize your content!

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