Branding and Identity Elite Infoworld By Elinsys, 02nd Jun 2010

7th August, 2009 – The day we started Elite Infoworld.

2nd June, 2010 – The day we started blog for Elite Infoworld.

The first question in your mind is – why 10 months to start the blog, where a general trend for any web outsourcing company is to launch blog as soon as they start their business or website. And frankly, I really don’t have answer.

So, what I do for this 10 months – Working? Setting up things in new office? Enjoying my position as a boss? Or spending time on social networking? Well, basically nothing but everything. But now a bit relaxed and mainly willing to spend time on search engine promotions of my site and blog is always helpful to promote your business. Thanks to wordpress for making a wonderful application.

Since 11 years I am working in designing field whether its graphic or web. Though, I still believe I know very less. Apple and Windows change the design perceptions of the web. Adobe gave the best design softwares over the years, which helps both photographers and designers. Just look at the below image, do you think it is real and even if it is do you think the effect is direct from the digital camera. It looks stunning because of the touching job in photoshop.

Remember, the old style of web design, much before era of Apple (the glossy style of designing arrived from apple and Windows Vista more zing to it). The solid bg color and left aligned website with thick stone based buttons and sometimes with twinkle effect. Look at the current style of web design. Everything seems elegant. I am sure after 10 years someone will comment on current (may be myself) style of web designing and make fun at these sites. But I think its process, we are living in a technology world where things changes faster than you change TV channel.

Yesterday, it was laptop and now it is smart phones. Website and browsing is not limited to computers or laptop. The world and technology is shrinking. Now, you can browse in your hand. Mobile website is in thing, Mobile search engine optimizationis in-thing. Forget the days when you are developing application for desktop, now people are developing applications for Mobiles. You name it and they give it to you.

If you read this, thank you very much for your time.

Digant Bhatt

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