E-mail Marketing Email Marketing Tips By Elinsys, 20th May 2013

Email is the most active medium to reach huge numbers of people. It is more powerful than social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Email generates 8.3 times as many messages in a single day. This figure is taken without considering the spam mails. One can imagine the importance of Email marketing for businesses.

Email marketing is a complicated process and is composed of many things. It is possible to have a successful email marketing campaign even when you keep things simple. Following are some of the email marketing tips that must be used to make your email marketing program a huge success.

  • The main aim of your emails is to direct the traffic to your landing page or website. Hence, to convert users to sign ups or clients it is important to use links in such a way that compels the readers to click. Your email should have clear links which can be easily located by users. You should use a lot of links and ensure the links appear as hypertext. With compelling ‘Call To Action’ lines and a simple Click Here you can gain the most out of your Email campaign.
  • Most of the users READ the mails. If you use any space for inserting an image, then it will be equal to wasted space. Using well-coded HTML is better than using an image heavy design. Never send an email that contains one large image and never convey your message through an image in which the user needs to perform some action to view your message.
  • It is always wise to keep an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in your email in such a way that it is easily traceable by readers. Sometimes the users get so frustrated locating the unsubscribe option that they end up marking your mail as spam. With every spam mark, your reputation with email providers will come down. When you are marked as spam by many of the users, your emails will end up in the junk folder. Always have a clear to find the unsubscribe link so that users can find an easy way to unsubscribe instead of marking you as spam.
  • Always ensure that you follow the basic guidelines so that your mail does not end up in the spam folder. Every single time you send the mail, you should ensure that you follow the guidelines. Sometimes it is not possible to convey your message in a compelling way if you follow all the guidelines. However, you should ensure that you follow the guidelines because if once you have been marked as spam, you may stay out of user’s inboxes for days or months together.
  • No one on earth has the time to read loads of text. While checking mails, people want to go through the key points and understand what the sender is trying to convey. Hence, always keep your text in the mail short or use bullet points. You can highlight the main words that may catch the reader’s attention.

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