ExpressJS Web Development, Web Apps Development What Exactly is Express JS and how is it Beneficial for Web Development? By Elinsys, 17th Feb 2017

Express JS is a web application framework for Node.js.

Node.js is a platform that allows Java script to be used outside the web browser in order to create web and network applications. This essentially means that you can create a server and the server side code for and application like most of the web languages – the only difference is that this is done using the Java Scrip – the only difference is that this is done using the Java Script.

Express JS is a framework for node js that allows you to use several powerful features without having to reinvent the wheel. It helps you organize your application’s routing and use any templating solution with minimal effort. The code can also be very well organized.

Express.js along with Node.js gives Java Script newfound backend functionality and allows the developers to build complete – feature packed software on the server side. Both of them work together and make it possible to build an entire site with Java Script. For example, you can develop server side applications with Node.js and then publish those Node.js apps as websites with Express.js.

Node.js was not intended to build websites. Express.js is able to layer in built-in structure and functions needed to actually build a site. It’s a pretty lightweight framework that gives developers all those extra built in features they look for without overriding the highly robust, feature packed node.js platform.

Express.js working with Node.js and Angular.js are completely revolutionizing the way developers build websites.

Here are some of the features

  • Server side programming language for the web and for mobiles
  • Written in Java Script
  • Templating designs
  • Express can build single page websites, multipage websites and hybrib mobile apps.
  • It can build a common backend for web applications
  • It can also be used to build APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • It comes with two templating engines Jade and EJS that are responsible for managing the flow of data into the website structure.
  • MVC pattern – Express.js supports the Model-View-Controller architecture and is really helpful when it comes to developing websites in the model driven format
  • It’s a cross platform language so is not limited to any one particular operating system platform.
  • It helps you create complex applications quickly.

Express works alongside MongoDB, Node.js and Angular.js. It forms a part of the MEAN stack. Like every other software stack, the MEAN stack includes an operating system, database, server, and development platform—everything you need to build and run the back end of a website or web applications. Unlike the other traditional stacks, the MEAN stack is completely powered by the Java Script and Node.js gives it the backend functionality.

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