Exclusive Interview, Technology Exclusive Interview Taken By Applancer By Elinsys, 26th May 2017

What do you do?

Elintech Systems’s prime focus is to provide businesses with best in class web solutions and futuristic mobile applications that can help you align your business for success. We deliver customized solutions that attract traffic and generate conversions.

Mention about your talent in development or your achievement in app development?

Elinsys is full of talented people in the team. We have experience range from 12 years to 2 years in the team. From project manager to swift coder are part of our team. The biggest achievement is the music application – flotrak that we launched last year. That was our biggest achievement. That application is going to change music industry and give musicians a good platform.

What are your areas of specialization ?

We have nicely worked on GPS based application, we also worked with Beacon for the Dubai based Hotel. We also worked on Uber type application in the past so does on the rummy game (card game). We have profound experience in working on social media as well as ecommerce platform. We love to explore idea, your one line idea can turn into a real application that can generate money for you.

Tell us about your dream projects?

We would love to work with the live chat application, uber type application. We have good exposure in hospital industry. We have fantastic idea on some platform related to restaurant.

Where do you see yourself down the line after 5 years?

We would like to be best service providing company all around the globe. Our current team strength is 30 and we would like to expand it to 100+ employee with major focus on mobile application development.

What is your company’s business model?

We have our in-house team that includes – Project Manager, Team Leaders, Developers, Marketing Executives, HR and Administration. All these people are contributing for betterment of the company.

Which industries do you cater to / you would like to work with?

We would like to work with any industry that challenge us and allow us to show our creativity.

What according to you is the most conventional way to develop an app ? Do you suggest the use of native app over hybrid? What are your recommendations ?

We always believe to develop application in native. Native is give you a guarantee of good support. Hybrid applications are coming with lot of restriction. However, there is IONIC which seems a good platform for NodJS and Angular. We have developed couple of application on to it. So does in phonegap. Personally we prefer to work on native.

What is your pricing strategy & What according to you are the parameters to design the cost of app?

The best strategy is to make strategy for development and put everything on paper before moving to development. Your documentation, your use cases, your wireframe must be ready before you are developing / designing an application.
The cost for the design / develop of application is based on the complexity of the requirement. Someone just want a normal Ecommerce application, that could cost them less while someone want a complex idea. This definitely require more time and of course more cost.

What payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? What is the price range of the projects (Min. & Max.) that you catered in 2016?

Our minimum project is USD 2000 and maximum bill that we sent to client is USD 35,000/-. We create milestone payment where we get regular funds from client. Our usual payment structure is 30% (advance), 20% (document &UI/UX approval), 30% (on first complete demo) and rest before making it live.

What according to you are the parameters for client satisfaction?

After sale service is the most important aspect for any client satisfaction. We are always believing in retaining the client. We are giving 6 months of support after development of the project and then after it will be paid support. This support includes any bug fixing (if occur) or small modification here and there. Of course, if there is any major change that take more than 10 hours monthly then it will be paid.

How far you belief that the scope of the market has widened by the launch of such platform?

It has immense chance to grow. Application development is here to grow and there are less chances of taking over any other technology in coming years. Yes technology may emerge but the application market will gain mainly because of smartphone and their ability to connect the world.

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