Facebook, Social Media Marketing Facebook Introduces Brand Safety Topic Exclusions for Advertisers By Elinsys, 26th Apr 2021
Facebook introduces brand safety topic exclusions for advertisers

Facebook announced that it will begin the news feed topic exclusions for advertisers this year. This is the first time the Feed environment would be managed through controls. Facebook says that the new feature would enable the marketers to choose whether or not to show their ads alongside potentially sensitive content. For example, an ad related to kids should not be shown beside a new crime show.

Topic exclusions: Some of the topic exclusions that Facebook is testing include News and Politics, Social Issues etc. This gives advertisers more control over where their ads may appear in a user’s newsfeed and means that brands will be able to ensure that their products and services don’t show up next to the topics that their brand does not associate with. The test will continue to listen and learn throughout the test phase and keep modifying the topics to be excluded.

Brand safety: Brands have become more aware and wish to ensure that their advertising and organic messaging is positioned appropriately. In 2021, brand safety is not a new concept but is simply gaining more and more importance and relevance. Many bands work towards avoiding any potential fallouts from being seen parallel to insensitive or irrelevant content especially on social media. Brand safety experts explain that exclusions may not be the best option for advertisers. Brands have gotten into a habit of blocking ads after negative news or pausing them entirely because they believe these stories are unsafe content for their brands.

Privacy considerations: Facebook also announced that Privacy will be the core to all the tools that are developed and this new tool is no different. Facebook is working with Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) to help improve digital safety. Every new product or feature is built with privacy in mind and has appropriate tools and processes to help address potential risks and protect people’s information. Facebook also said that before release they need to understand ad performance and efficacy while honoring the commitment to privacy. These factors mean that this will be a complex and time-consuming process but if done right will add value.

Overall, this new feature could give marketers more control over their brand and safety options. Previously, advertisers created a list of blocked keywords to exclude but this new option could give advertisers more control over where their ads should be placed on Facebook.

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