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Facebook is probably the most popular social network today. If you aren’t on Facebook, you are missing out on a lot of potential customer base. Well, that said, it is very important for any business to create a strong presence on Facebook.

Frequency: Frequency of posts should be optimum. A few posts a day should be enough. No one likes to be spammed! One or two compelling posts in a day would do far more good than many uninteresting ones a day. Make the posts simple and short. Very long stories are generally ignored by readers.  Your most important message must be in the first 90 characters of the post.

Variety: Maintain variety in your posts. Existing fans for your page will stay on, only if you add something new about your brand, product or service that they don’t already know about. If they see the same information time and again, they will go away! Well, as important as it is to maintain the existing customers / fans, it is also important to showcase to your new potential customers a variety of new things about your business on Facebook. Give them a reason to come and stay! In Social Media Marketing , – the organic way, this is what will get you ahead.

Photography: Well, even with personal accounts and with business pages, it is a well known fact by now that posts with pictures work better than any other. So, put your best foot forward and display the best photographs – ofcourse relevant to your business.

These are some points to take into consideration while you build a Facebook fan page. The key to Social Media Marketing via Facebook is to keep the customers interested and engaged!

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