Wordpress Development Features of WordPress By Elinsys, 18th Jun 2013

WordPress is a compelling semantic publishing platform that provides powerful features. It makes publishing on the internet easy and appealing. WordPress is a zero cost, standards-compliant, quick, light and free content management system. With sensible settings and features, it offers great flexibility to the WordPress developer. In this article I am listing some of the standard features of WordPress.  However, owing to the plethora of plugins available, the functionalities of this content management system are limitless. Developers can easily make modifications in the WordPress code. The code can be altered for use in commercial projects without having to bear any licensing fees. Hence, WordPress not only is free but also makes developers free to have a great control.

  • WordPress enables easy sharing of content and thus helps in attracting readers to your site. It serves as a content publishing platform that performs a number of functions including forwarding content to social networks, confirming that your site is in the ideal format so that it appears amongst the top search results when you click publish, helping visitors to subscribe to specific content.
  • With WordPress you can time your posts for publishing at a later point in the future. In the same way it also lets you backdate a post for a time in the past. This gives you the flexibility to write posts whenever you want to.
  • If you desire to hide some posts from public then you can assign passwords. These posts protected with passwords are called as private posts which can viewed only by the author.
  • WordPress enables you to have multi-paged posts. A long post can cut it up into pages. This removes the need for scrolling for a long time.
  • You can save your incomplete articles as drafts so that you can improve them later and publish it when you’re done.
  • WordPress gives you the ability to preview your posts before publishing them. You can preview your post before publishing it and making it live.
  • How many times have you written your post on a note pad or a word pad and lost it just because your computer shut down, or hand? With WordPress you will not have the fear of losing your work. WordPress automatically saves your post as you type. As you hit save, your work gets saved within a single click. You can access the saved copies from the drafts folder.
  • WordPress lets you create dynamic posts. It helps you make rich web pages by enabling you to use images, pictures, videos, music and documents. A media browsers let’s you store, organize and find files easily. WordPress hosts the files which pop your pages up.
  • Your workflow will not get affected as you can carry on writing and publishing from any corner of the earth. WordPress has mobile apps for Android, iOS, BLackberry, Nokia, and Windows Phone 7. You can control your site right with your fingertips.

Thus, WordPress offers great flexibility and functionalities to its users.

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