Hire Magento Developer, Magento Web Development How to Find a Good Magento Developer By Elinsys, 19th Jan 2017

Let’s face it; Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce development platforms available today. It is one of the most widely used too. If you are looking at going online with your store, Magento has all the required features for you to go live soon and manage your store efficiently. However, many a time, finding a good Magento developer is quite a struggle. Well, not that they are scarce, they are plenty in numbers. But finding a good one that suits exactly your requirements is difficult.

The decision making begins with whether you would like to hire an individual developer or a Magento development firm. Whether to hire in-house development resources or to outsource? All these decisions greatly depend on the size of your project and the complexity.

Here are a few tips for you to consider:

Check out the size of your project

Think about your store size. It is a huge existing business that you are taking online? OR is it a startup online business that you are working on from scratch. Well, if it is a huge existing store, hiring a team of developers would be your best bet, especially if you have time restrictions – but have a good budget. Well, if you are just starting out, hiring an individual developer on hourly basis or per project basis could be a better idea. It is hence important to analyze your requirements.

Selecting an agency or a freelancer?

Be aware that hiring Magento developers on a freelance basis has it’s own limitations. One person may not have the kind of diverse knowledge and expertise that is required to build all the features required by the store. Well, a team of developers from a firm brings together experience and expertise from all walks of life and can develop innovative features to make your store look unique.

Price vs quality

Well, if you want quality, you must be willing to pay the price too. Experienced developers could complete the task within stipulated time and can work without too much supervision. They can give you a quality product that is fully functional without too much intervention and guidance. But they are usually pricy. Newbies are many times equally competent when it comes to coding flawlessly and creating fully functional apps. However, they may require some guidance and you may need to be a little generous with time. So, if you are tight on budget but have lots of time before launch, it’s best to hire dedicated developers.


You can check out references from your business network. Find out other businesses who have hired developers earlier and recommend one for you too. In this way you already have a sample of their work and you can gauge their skills by the experience of others.

Overall, hire Magento developers is easy as mentioned earlier, but hiring the right one for your business requires a lot of thought. Make sure you analyze your requirements, time limitations, budget constraints and then make a decision!

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