Search Engine Optimization Five More SEO Myths Revealed By Elinsys, 22nd Oct 2011

In the last post we discussed the five most common SEO misconceptions. Well, here are five more.

  • HTML validation is a good SEO technique. Well, HTML code well written is a good website development practice! And although from an SEO perspective it does not directly equate with a good ranking, but a badly written code which presents difficulties for search engines in being able to read your webpage, is bad for your website on the whole!
  • The page title and description will surely appear on the snippet. No! This is not always true. Search engines can change the snippet with more relevant content from your website!
  • Number of links will add to my page rank. No again! The number of Quality links will add to your page rank. It’s more about quality than mere quantity.
  • Duplicate content leads to bans. Duplicate content will affect your rankings, but you will not be banned, Google sees this as a reduction in quality of results it is providing end users, hence highly recommends that content be unique and relevant.
  • SEO is a very lengthy process; why not use available promising shortcuts? Well, SEO is hard work and does not happen overnight. But shortcuts will not take you anywhere too! Promising and tempting techniques are generally the ones that are unethical so be aware and take the right decision.

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