Five SEO Myths Unveiled!

five such SEO myths and the truth that goes with each one of them:

  • High keyword density: Some SEO practitioners think that high keyword density shall bring a high ranking. Well, no. The keyword density should not be “high” – should not be “too much”. It is looked upon as keyword stuffing by search engines. Well, it gives a very bad user experience too!
  • seo-myths.jpgPage ranking is topmost priority rest all will follow or is unnecessary: Well, page ranking is one of the factors in SEO. But do not underestimate the potential of having quality content to follow your page rank.
  • Meta keywords are the key, so stuff your keywords there! No – no meta keywords are looked at by the search engines but they are really just pointers as to what’s on the page.
  • If you link all your pages internally you will have excellent outbound links! Well, this will increase the number of outbound links to your website, but the most important pages might get missed in page rankings!
  • Pages blocked with robots.txt will not appear in search engine results. Well, if these pages are links by other pages that are crawled, they will appear in the search results!

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