Website Design Service Five Simply Awesome Web Design Tools By Elinsys, 29th Sep 2011

Web Design in itself is an interesting area of work. Turning an idea or an imagination into real websites is quite a task! Along with this, details are important too! Colors, contrasts, resolution, background, text, text to graphics ratio, there are so many factors to consider before you see that magic on your screen! It’s good to know that there exist tools to help web designers to create these websites. Some are popular tools and some aren’t that frequently used! Here are top five tools for web design:

  • Photoshop: Built for Windows and Mac OS, this is the most popular web design. It has an amazing toolset for applying effects.
  • Corel Draw: Can tackle almost any kind of design jobs. Corel Draw is an easy and awesome tool for web design.
  • Dreamweaver: From Adobe, this software is used for development as well. It has the ability to show you the source code. Other than that it is feature packed in itself! Works on Windows as well as Mac OS’s
  • Fireworks: A vector graphics editor, Fireworks is built for both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Panic coda: Built for Mac OS, this tool is simple and uses a single window for designing. It simplifies designing by reducing the number of applications.

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