PHP Web Development What does the Future Hold for PHP Web Development? By Elinsys, 18th Jan 2017

PHP is one of the most versatile web programming languages. It powers almost 60% of the web today. Well, over the years PHP has evolved into a very flexible solution for rapidly growing businesses that require features that can be added, removed or scaled as the business grows.

Here’s why PHP will continue to rule the web world in the future too:

The language keeps getting better

In the world of development, there are new programming languages introduced very frequently. Every time a new one is introduced, something gets out-dated and old. This tough competition surely drives innovation. Well, PHP 7 has a lot of improvements that include faster code execution, memory usage optimization and interoperability features. This version has been updated almost five times since it was launched and has a heavy focus on security features. The development community works towards the betterment of this language and it already powers almost 60-70% of the websites on the internet.

Flexible use of PHP in web development

One of the major web application requirements is – interoperability. This essentially means that when you run an ecommerce store using WordPress for instance and want to expand it’s features, you must have the ability to ‘borrow’ features from other libraries too. Well, you will need some kind of middleware too. One example of such a middleware is Zend Expressive and Slim 3 middleware. With these, developers can access any package or components of any of the PHP frameworks! Drupal, Symfony and Lavarel are some of the PHP frameworks that already have this kind of interoperability features and are hence very flexible too!

The Internet Of Things Solutions

The Internet of things is a complex system in itself. It consists of three layers – the smart gadgets, the infrastructure and the apps. Due to the dynamic nature and the speed of coding, PHP is the most suitable and the preferred language for IoT infrastructure solutions. The latest PHP7 is the first step towards asynchronous programming and can run several simultaneous tasks within the same script. This is the way connected gadgets can be programmed to ‘talk’ to each other. PHP could truly shape how IoT is implemented – it’s already implemented in some places!

Enterprise applications – startup and small businesses

PHP is the first choice for many businesses when it comes to developing business apps. Especially for startups, as PHP has the ability to build a minimum viable product quickly to get your business up and running. This is exactly what most startups need.

Java and PHP

Java is considered as the most secure programming language for enterprise apps. Well, in order to meet the security requirements and the high standards set by the industry, developers today use both PHP and Java in combination to provide businesses with the apps that are robust, secure and sustainable.

PHP is highly customizable and has the ability to provide businesses with the right web solutions to help them grow and see new heights of success!

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