Mobile App Development Future of Mobile Application Development – Challenges and Opportunities By Elinsys, 05th Feb 2014

Mobiles are becoming an indispensable part of life. So much so that every task that required physical presence is now virtually possible. Thanks to Mobile application development, shopping, bills payment, banking, conference calls – almost anything can be made available on your smartphone – truly smart! Well, with the advent of this revolution, the future of mobile apps looks very bright. Today, smartphone users’ demands for applications to suit their requirements both personal and business is on the rise. High end smartphones like iPhones and iPads have the capabilities to support highly sophisticated applications too.

With the rise in iPhone Application Development and Android application Development in the past decade, the mobile world has seen a host of innovative and highly creative applications. Yet the demand for Mobile application development is on the higher side. Well, what keeps this trend going? What is the future of this field of development? What are the future challenges and opportunities that will decide the fate of application development for smartphones?

Here’s analysing the future trends in terms of challenges and opportunities:

One greatest challenge for mobile application development is user experience. Individual habits and communications vary greatly. Also, individual device usage styles. Many application developers fail to take into account the personal comfort factor and develop apps with a technical angle. Keeping in mind the usability factor and user experience, will definitely help overcome this challenge. A complicated iPhone application development trend will definitely pose a challenge in the future of mobile application development.

Technology used in development is another major challenge. iPhone, Android and Windows – developing one single application that will work seamlessly on all devices and all form factors is a challenge.

New phones yet to come. Future technology changes yet unseen. iPhone application development yet has some standardization with hardware devices. But with Android application development, the range of devices on which your applications will be installed is diverse.

Amongst the opportunities with mobile application development, mobile marketing is a very promising one. Advertising with developed applications provides opportunities to developers to earn that little extra. Well, it’s a boon to business owners too. It enables them to reach out to the countless untapped sources.

Lastly, innovation and imagination rules. Opportunities are plenty. With the right direction to the innovative minds and great technologies to support innovation, mobile application development can see a new front in the near future.

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