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Mobile web technology tools evolve and change rapidly. There are a diverse mobile applications such as video streaming, messaging, music players, schedules and project management etc. On the other hand the dramatic growth in customer awareness has led to unpredictable changes in customer tastes. It is hence important that we keep up with the changing trends and then decide the best approach for our business in order to stay on the top of your game.

Smartphones have become ubiquitous and there is no stopping to the influx of trendy mobile apps. Whether developing native apps or hybrid apps, here are a few trends you need to be aware of before you begin:

For small businesses

Industry watchers predict that there will be an increase in the presence of small businesses in the online world. Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals along with medium sized businesses are getting a boost and will definitely require an online boost in order to improve their sales and brand value. The good news is that, rapid application development tools and a large development community make it possible for small businesses to establish their online presence affordably with simple and efficient mobile apps.

Security is the key

Online payments have become a common place and a number of online payment tools are available today. This makes security more and more important. Advanced encryption, SSL and HTTPS ensure that ecommerce in today’s world remains trustworthy and safe. Storage security, privacy enforcement, secure logging and information confidentiality are paramount. Identity and data theft pose clear danger in the mobile apps and online world. So, it’s important that you never cut corners while ensuring security and privacy of the network connections and data storage.

Instant Apps

Traditionally, the approach was to download and install freeware, shareware followed by the purchase of a license. Monetization has also been achieved using marketing and advertising channels. The new types of instant apps re becoming more popular. All you need is a high speed internet connection and search the app and play or use it online without having to download or install it locally.

Augmented reality

Utility apps have their place in today’s world, but augmented reality is the future. AR apps ensure a composite view by superimposing the user’s reality with the computer generated virtual images. Customer interactivity and engagement is hence enhanced which ultimately improves your business brand and sales productivity too. That’s right; AR is not just limited to games and entertainment but also used in education, location hunting, online marketing, GPs and instant messaging.

Rapid deployment

Multi-featured enterprise mobile apps are now rising to popularity as they provide excellent features to enterprises. Agile development, continuous delivery and deployment strategies provide mobile apps with numerous enhanced features. This greatly improves the quality and performance of business processes.

Big Data

The landscape of information gathering and data analytics has been completely transformed with data mining and big data. Exploring innovative quality and security assessments for big data in the context of mobile apps using mobile sensors, social networking data and user flows is on the rise.

The future of mobile apps looks bright and promising. Quality expectations will always be a constant and the key component in development of futuristic apps for niche markets will be on the rise. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, building futuristic apps is the key!

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